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Performance Needs Analysis

To ensure the solution designed will be perfect for you, together a thorough analysis will be conducted to understand your needs


You may have a learning team that needs support to develop their own facilitation, coaching, design skills or knowledge on how to strategically pursue professional development

Online Learning

Designing topics to be accessed on any device at any time that can be delivered via a learning management system that suits your needs

In Person Training

Training is best designed for facilitator led sessions.,to be completed by either in house facilitator or myself

Learner Resources

Supporting learners with accurate and current resources including participant workbooks, activities, questionnaires to encourage content knowledge

Project Management

Managing your needs through each stage to provide an evaluation of the design, development and the desired impact to your business results


Learning and development is a careful balance between science and art. The science of human centred design and neuroscience balanced with the art of visual design and artistic flair. As a learning professional I’ve made it my mission in life to continuously pursue these areas, allowing me to bring this expertise to your business, as and when needed. 


On-boarding and up-skilling staff is a costly exercise that when done well can decrease staff turnover. Save time and money in the long run with a superior induction program customised for your business.


Innovation comes in many forms including new ways of presenting information, creating learner engagement, using existing technologies and experimenting with new or lesser used technologies for the purpose of learning. 

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Location isn't everything

With the use of technology, the work I can do for you is not limited to where I’m located. With regular communication high quality results can be delivered by working remotely*. 

*Travel may be needed for facilitation or coaching services.

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